Friday, November 19, 2010

i see..

see you again!
again... i dont hv any idea to create new post.
but still wanna update my blog.

actually bru pas tgk harry potter and the deathly hallows
what do you think about this story?
interesting right?
ohhh.. yeah!
totally great!!

tadi hang out dgn syafa.
yeah beb!
what a great movie.
i'm lovin it!
tgk part2 nty sesamee lagy yer. :)
fall in love with Ron. haha.
he's so funny. :p

and one more.
wanna see something?

act saje je tukaa relation tuh
dah xde kerje.
and tak sangka ramai yg like.
Ohh. suke ak single er?
mmg xde ciri2 muke couple an?
thats true bebehh!
lau nk copy paste komen2 kt situhhh pnjg2 kut.

p/s : credit to that cute boy with a nice smile. thanks to you too. i will come again there. :)

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