Thursday, December 2, 2010

again and again

thanks again eya. ( again and again - 2pm ) HAHA.sgt rajin yer meng "tag". HAHA. aku un nampaknya macam tu lah kut. 2 x 5 :)

Rules :
1.put your music library on shuffle
2.for each question press the next button to get your answer
3. you must write the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sound
4.when you done , tag it to 20 person

If someone says 'is this ok?' you say ?
u go girl - lee hyori

How would you describe yourself ?
i'm a loner - cnblue

What do you like in a guy / girl ?
one in a million - bosson

How do you feel today ?
crush - david archuleta

What is your life's purpose ?
cari jodoh - wali band (HAHA. cakap sikit sape yg tak nak cari jodoh? mestilah nak kan? HAHA.)

What's your motto ?
love light - cnblue

What do your friend think of you ?
jahat - stacy (haha. sebab diorang selalu kena buli. :p )

What do you think of your parents ?
nobody - wondergirls ( cause i dont want nobody but you. )

What do you think about very often ?
fall for you - secondhand serenade

What is 2 + 2 ?
10 out of 10 - 2pm

What do you think about your bestfriend(s) ?
best friend - snsd

What do you think of the person you like ?
mystery - beast (mystery guy! :) )

What is your life story ?
love story - taylor swift

What do you want to be when you grow up ?
what a girl want - 4minute

What do you think of when you see the person you like ?
fly me to the moon - jang geun suk

What will you dance at your wedding ?
oh ! - snsd (comel kan? HAHA )

What will they play in your funeral ?
surah yassin (semoga dirahmati dunia akhirat)

What is your biggest fear ?
hanya tuhan yang tahu - unic

What is your biggest secret ?
magic - secret

What will you post this as ?
my style - brown eyed girls

sesiapa yang nak tag nie. silakan.
have fun! :p

sekian celoteh untuk hari ini. :)

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