Wednesday, October 20, 2010


final dh next week. preparation? ohh boleh laa...
hopefully dpt wat yg terbaek final nie. wish me ya.
act dpt interview for SPA. but xbwk balik sijil2 n mmg lpe gler so trpkse laa lpekan hasrat nk gie interview tuh. myb xde rezeki kut.
so far life skunk much better.
feel free without love.. don't you think so?
now focussing in study ya..
oh ya.. congrats lah if ape yg saye dgr nie betul..
thats true.. he's seem perfect,and you are the luckiest person you know..
wish you happy ya..
dlu you fight2,nyampah2 gler dgn dia.. n now you fall in love dgn dia an..
haha... all d best ya..
me? ohh dont ask me.. i hv no feeling with a man.. and definitely not with woman yaa..:)

k,gtg.. my CTU,CSC,MAT,PAD,MGT are waiting for me.. and now i'm really fall in love with my BOOKS!!! not with a man!!!!
wasting time!!!

all d best ya my friends.. :)

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