Thursday, June 17, 2010

ohh my...

again,aku mmg setia bce news2 kt nie...
(tekan atas utk ketahui lebih lanjut psl korean news)..


(sian dye an tidur kt situ jer,adeii laa...)

It’s been a while since we heard about F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki but he recently revealed a set of photos which shows him resembling a homeless man.

The photos were uploaded by Hong Ki on the 15th where it was titled as ‘no home to return to‘ and attracting the attention of fans. Hong Ki is pictured in his pyjamas, sleeping on the floor and to make it realistic, he even has a plastic cup for money collection, a bag of chips and dollar notes lying around him.

Hong Ki wrote, “I really fell asleep on the company premises in Japan. This was what my manager hyung took, he even gave me money ^^.”

Fans commented, “You really look like a homeless man,” “I also want to donate some money,” “So comical“, etc. (ape nyer komen nie?adeii laa...)

how come ley jadi mcm nie?poor my hong ki. i tak kisah lah u mcm mne,i ttp minat u lahh hong ki! hahaha.. gler fanatik an. :)

next..about park shin hye..


Starlet Park Shin Hye is making news again, as she’s recently freed herself from long absence by appearing at a Garden5 event… looking a bit chubbier than usual.

Koreans can frankly be quite overly-sensitive when it comes down to weight on celebrities, but this time, I can’t help but to agree on this one. Judging from chubbier cheeks and broader arms, Park Shin Hye definitely seems to have gained a bit of weight. She still looks outright adorable though.

dye ttp comel an wlaupun chubby pown. aku dh prasan lame dh dye chubby tapi u ttp cantik tau Go Mi Nam! haha.. :)

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