Monday, June 7, 2010


spnjg aku jadi suri rumah tangga slma 6 bulan nie,ary2 aku akan layan KOREA. haha.
so,this one part of them lahh..

shinee Pictures, Images and Photos
shinee group in hello baby show.nice right?hee..yoogeun(baby) nie dh famous kt sane lps masuk hello baby nie smpai kluar kt korean news.he's too cute an.hehe.

Hello Baby Pictures, Images and Photos
act,amek pics nie semate2 sbb minho.haha.sweet an dye.
lau diteliti balik pics2 nie. due2 pics minho yang pgg baby tuh.dye ske budak2 lahh..aww!! he's too charming..hehe.

nie amek dari korean news..:)

Back in June of 2009, KBS decided to start a show called Hello Baby, where idols are given the task of taking care of and living with a newborn baby. The first season featured the girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation and it was a huge success. Then in January of this year, the boys of SHINee took over for the second season.

Now it’s SHINee’s turn to say Goodbye Baby as their final episode is schedule to air on April 6th with a special season in review highlight episode airing on April 13th. The boys were very entertaining this season and they will be missed but it makes me curious on who’s going to appear on season 3, we’ll have to wait and see.

want to know more about korean news? click link bawah nie..
der info baru share lah yer..

next this show..invincible youth. G7!! seme cntik2.
Invincible Youth G7 Pictures, Images and Photos
starring by..:yuri,sunny(snsd),hara(kara),hyomin,narsha,seonhwa,hyoona..and shinyoung as their mc with taewu n others.hehe.
ske tgk episode yg minho dtg.minho lagy an.haha.

We Got Married Pictures, Images and Photos
like this!!!ya!!
seohyun and yong hwa (sweet potatoes couple)
skunk baru episode 8.waa..kena tggu lagy,ak hrp b4 masuk u nie dh abes dh.adehh..smpat ker yer??dyeowunk tgh broadcast lagy show nie.aduii..

okeh.tuh jer entry b4 ak nak masuk tdo.bubbye blog!!

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