Tuesday, September 13, 2011


hi my dear readers.
just wanna story about our dinner last 3 days.
totally it was great although ade lahhh sikit2 something yg tk kena.
nobody is perfect kan. so just accept it :)
part 3 yg organize nie memang superb.
good job to you all.
i'm just one of urusetia je. nothings important! hehe.

location : DA, UiTM Terengganu
date : 11 Sept 11'
theme : corporate colors

yahh. look at that boy! haha.
rajin dia serve.. :)

time nie semua part 5 and 6 kt atas stage and then diorang nnyi lagu
siyes aku tk dpt kenal pasti ape tajuk lagu tu tp aku boleh nnyi lagu tu. hehe.

meet my buddy! mun!
please dont say anything about height in front of us, it's so sensitive.

meet my sweet friend, Iieyfa Zazaa Violet.
dia terpakse merendahkan diri nye utk kawan dia ni. hihi.
rase nye aku dh pkai wedges tuhhh! tp tk ckup jgk tinggi. ngee..

my sweet gang ! dpn nie pun boleh jadi kan nk duduk.
posing punye pasal.

okay, at first , kitorg amek gmbr kt sini.
then kecoh sana sini dgn pot pet masing2 sampaikan attract org yg lain. hihi.
kitorg ttibe je dapat tumpuan ramai. ohh my. sumpahh maluuu!
yaahhh! and other camera pun ade yg snap this pics..
dalam malu malu tuh yahh, still posing. hehe.

credit to you all :)

meet my class rep..

gilers time !
at least dinner kali nie enjoyyy although ade something yg kitorg terkilan sikit.
tp tu lahh reda je lah kan.

meet my classmates yg awesome!
you guys memang superb.

my buddies, mrs. linda and kak muz.
so gorgeous lahh you all that day. :)

yahh! the only one guy here!
meet epy ! our photographer .
thanks for these awesome pictures.

okay, nothing nak berceloteh.
study week dh start tp aku tk start2 lagy study. lalala.. hihi.

p/s : good luck for final, everyone. :D
happy birthday to my besties, Raja Syahrain Syazani,Farah Shaheera and happy belated birthday to Ana.

doakan saye for this final nie. :)

sekian celoteh saye hari nie .

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