Saturday, June 5, 2010

korean news coming!!! 5 jun 2010 SAT

heiyya!!!aku bukak korean nyer news td.wahh..byk gler cter2 kt ctuh.gossip pun ade.hak3.jom lah bergossip nty yer.haha.nie sikit jer aku amek dri news kat sane.hehe.

On today’s episode of MBC Music Core, the boys of CNBLUE returned on stage to rock and roll their latest hit track Love.
Although CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa had vocal problems at the start of CNBLUE’s comeback promotions, he showed courage as he still stood on stage to perform with the boys. Looking at CNBLUE’s awesome performance today, it almost looked as if he’s all recovered. Or maybe it’s because his vocal is too great, I can’t notice his injury…

(komen2 dari empunyer blog..:yong hwa oppa sgt macho lah.haha.min hyuk oppa chomel sgt kenape yer?new hairstyle yer.hehe..jung shin dh potong rmbut,wahh!!)

After an explosive comeback on yesterday’s Music Bank, SS501 continues to keep all eyes on them with yet another amazing comeback stage on today’s Music Core.

The boys have been dearly missed by their fans and they made it known throughout the performances for Let Me Be the One and Love Ya. Will they face as much success with Love Ya as they did with Love Like This? With those fans screaming as loudly as they are in the background, I wouldn’t be surprised!

(komen2 dari empunyer blog..:akak aku addicted giler lagu LOVE YA nie!! aku dah dengar dah,xder lah best sgt,hehe. tapi best lah jugak. aihh,mcm mne tuh?haha.ntahlah.concluder nyer,ss501 mmg super duper singer lahh!!saranghae oppa!!)

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